A.V. Barber Consulting assists organizations with becoming more efficient and effective. Leveraging our extensive experience working with governmental, non-profit, and private sector leaders, we know how to get the results you desire.  Whether it’s business development, project management, marcomm, or writing, we deliver high-level support where you need it most. We become an extension of your team – operating seamlessly and systematically with you. Your business is OUR business.

“Precious Angelic Light Inc. received our first grant with the help of A.V. Barber Consulting. Ms. Barber used her excellent and detailed skills to write our grant. She has been very helpful and an asset to our organization.” Wanda Wallace, CEO

“As a new business, we had no idea where to start, but we knew where to go. A.V. Barber Consulting helped us create a thorough business plan, which guides our operations and practices – so we can get to where we want to go.” John Allen, CEO One Trucking LLC

We Get Results

“I think you’ve heard we received the grant. Thank you SO much again for all your help. You were a huge part of our success, and they referenced you specifically as our SME (subject matter expert) in the technical review.” V. Lamers, MS, Asst Director, PHF

“Ms. Barber is on-point. She has been assisting my organization for over a year and has provided a variety of writing services. We’re working with her now on a major project and looking forward to future ventures.” Cornell Posey, CEO Keystone Recycling LLC

We Achieve Success